We have finished the move at Norton……(sort of)

Just like after moving to a new house, where are half the things you know you packed!

The Local Residents’ Association had a fair the first Sunday we were open, (28th July), it ended up being held inside due to the weather.  Our first full service was last Sunday, (4th August ’19).
There are a hand full of jobs to finish to complete the refurbishment yet the place is already looking like a place of worship, and so much more.  The dedication service will be 15th September 3:00pm.  More details to follow.

We have started the move at Norton

It is here, the week where the removal van comes and takes all the packed boxes to the location of the next step in Norton’s church life. The last and first service take place 28th July ’19.  10:00 am at “St. John’s” and finishing after processing to “Norton Community Church”.

As a door closes, another (freshly painted) door opens. There will be anticipation and regret, sorrow and joy.  For a few weeks the congregation will have mixed emotions and feel a bit ‘at sea’. Over time, we will put our mark on the place and we will be making it feel like our place of worship.

We are looking ahead to the future, whilst remembering where we have come from and those people that have served faithfully the church society, laying the foundation of who we are today. Our goal is still the same today as it was in 1893 when the old church was opened, and the previous church to that in 1814 – doing God’s work for our neighbours in the name of Jesus.

Sixty solar panels ready to help power the building.

We are nearly moving at Norton

Work is still ongoing in the former Community Centre but things are definitely taking shape.  There is less than a month until the building is handed back to the members of the church in Norton.  Here is a glimpse of the work so far.

Worship area / hall:

Junior Church / Side hall:

Meeting /Side room:


2nd Kitchen:

We are moving at Norton


We are in the process of relocating. The whole congregation is excited about our move. The building has been purchased, the next step is to start refurbishment.  We will add news and photographs as progress is made.

We look forward to being in the middle of the community in Norton Estate.