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Sadly Longport Church is closing and the final service was held on 4th October 2020.

The service was recorded and can be listened to below.

Our members are like an extended family (and yes, we do have the occasional disagreements!) but we are all there for each other when necessary.

Over the years, we have welcomed members from other churches to unite into a “friendly bunch” of folk.  Together we share in weekly worship, Bible study, House Groups, Quizzes, Meetings, Beetle Drives, Pancake Parties, BBQ’s and any events which are advertised “including a Faith Lunch” are also very popular!

Members of the Boys Brigade meet weekly in our schoolrooms and join us in morning worship from time to time.  Our church buildings are used as a Polling Station for local & General Elections and also we rent out the rooms for operatic societies, choirs etc. for their rehearsals.

A group of people from our church visit nearby Regent Court sheltered housing complex for a short service and lunch & Brindley Court Care Home for an afternoon service.

An old building such as ours (built in 1901)   has many problems,  so we are always striving to find new ways to raise funds. Any suggestions always welcome!

Always trying to think of new ideas to encourage more people to join us, we would offer the warmest of welcomes to anyone wishing to come along on any occasion!

Come and meet us all!

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